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Our Festive Door Designs are inspired by Winter hill, heath and woodland walks. Our Wreath & Swag collection reflects this with a festive, wild and wintery aesthetic.

We forage for windblown leaves and sculptural branches and beautiful seed and flower heads. Supplemented with fragrant evergreens much of which is locally sourced allowing us to always offers a unique natural, wild and wintery appeal to our wreath & swag designs; no two are ever quite the same.

To order your Swag…

  • Select the size you would like… Small = approx 30/40cm  Large = approx 50/60cm
  • Then choose your accent colour from Red holly berries, Orange Holly Berrie, Pink Pepperberries or White Pepperberries.

Collection is from twine… between 11am – 4pm; Wednesday – Sunday

Image – Accents of Orange Berries, Large